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About American Japanning

Custom Painting and Coating Services

The finishing market today is a constantly changing landscape of technological advancement, rapid deliveries, high quality requirements, environmental regulations, and financial concerns.

Spray paint and equipment have undergone tremendous changes to enhance coverage and performance. In this business climate our rapid turnarounds and moderate lot pricing seem to fit the need.

American Japanning is fully permitted with our air, land, and water agencies to fulfill regulatory requirements. This is vital to continuing business today.

All of these facets feed into the daily financial concerns of every business operating today. With our hands on, experienced team we hope to supply your finishing needs now and for years to come.

What We Do

American Japanning provides custom painting and coating services for many industries including architectural aluminum, window and door, plastic medical machine parts, small automotive and appliance parts, military, aircraft and specification painting. We specialize in short projects that are highly customized. We are proud to feature Kynar®500 / Hylar®5000 painting and offer fast turn-around times, courteous individual customer care, and hands on knowledge.


American Japanning, Inc. is a privately held, minority owned Ohio Corp., located in suburban Cleveland, Ohio.

The origins of the company dates back in upwards of 70 years, moving from Associate Avenue in Cleveland to our current location in Brooklyn Heights.

Family ownership acquired the organization in the late 70’s with incorporation in 1994. American Japanning has a combined coating experience of 30+ years.

The term “Japanning” was an auto-industry term used in the 50’s and 60’s to refer to a gloss black baked enamel finish that was typically inexpensive and used to coat non-critical automotive parts. The term now refers to the painting “Job Shop” or “Toll Coater.” American Japanning now offers never-ending possibilities as a job shop, capable of custom processing/coating virtually any type of material.

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